Some good luck & some bad luck . . . GKTech Round 2

Saturday July 14th was Round 2 of the GKTech Vicdrift Championship at Winton Motor Raceway.  This round was held in the back M section of the track.

This involved sliding through the sweeper, something I have only started doing.  This section of track is definitely for the more advanced driver.  To add to the degree of difficulty, the track was wet and very slippery.  This meant I had a lot of “offs” trying to find the limits of the car.

I was disappointed with my qualifying result of 30th, having had a spin in both my qualifying laps.  This put me up against Ender Esenyel in his white S13 in the top 32.

This is where the good luck (for me at least) came into things.  Unfortunately for Ender, he had to pull out with suspected broken rocker arms.  This put me straight through to the Top 16 and against Sean Power in his S14.

Sitting in the dummy grid, trying to psych myself up for the upcoming battle, it was discovered that my car was making strange noises in the bottom end.  After revving the car a few times, the suspected diagnosis was a spun bearing.  This forced me to forfeit so that more damage was not done to the motor.  Sean went through to the Top 8 without battling anyone, making him the “Bradbury” of the day!

Despite the bad luck, I still had lots of fun and gained experience competing in the wet and tandeming with some of the Pro guys.  I am currently sitting 21st in the GKTech Vicdrift Championship.  Round 3 is invitation only so I will only get to drive if 5 drivers higher in the championship do not compete.

Thanks to all my sponsors for helping me out for this event and the rest of the season – ilovedrift, Wheeltech, FABRaiCATIONS, Chasers Eastside & Track Electronics.

Thanks to Annie Nguyen from Dorifto Shashin for the photos.

One Response to Some good luck & some bad luck . . . GKTech Round 2

  1. Nice article Cat! I always enjoy reading your updates :)
    Shame about the engine, but definitely seems you’re getting pretty darn good now! Hope it ain’t too much work to get the engine fixed.

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