Sakura’s New Look – Vivagarage Bodystyling

Sakura’s bodykit was looking a bit worse for wear after having some altercations with Winton’s ripple strips and some of Mallala’s tyre stacks over several years of drifting.  With an upcoming photoshoot, it was time to give Sakura a fresh look.

Vivagarage Bodystyling came on board, supplying the new kit.  The kit was first trial fitted before going off to be painted.

All the parts fitted really well with only small modifications needed.

The kit consists of a Type 3 rear bar and side skirts and D1 front bar.

The full effect of the new kit could be seen when painted.  The type 3 rear bar and skirts definitely give the car a tough look.

 These cool Vivagarage carbon canards were added to the front bar.

A huge thanks goes out to Vivagarage for supplying the awesome bodykit.  Check out their website for a wide variety of bodystyling parts.  They have kits for pretty much every Jap car from Nissan Cubes to RX8s as well as Aussie cars like Commodores.

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